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English For Academic Purposes Hints

Some people believe that the concept of Academic English is a complex phenomenon, characterized by rich vocabulary and an incredibly clever phrases. Partially, it's true, and all those looking to master English skills to perfection should definitely pay attention to EAP (for foreign students EAP is a must).

What is EAP?

English for Academic Purposes is a language style that is used in the writing of various academic papers (essays, term papers, courseworks and so on). Unfortunately, even in schools and universities writing craftsmanship is not always thoroughly studied, the focus is shifted to vocabulary and grammar. But the development of academic writing skills is about improving the language at all levels.

In schools and universities of the United States pay much attention to the letter. If we develop these skills is likely to be carried out under a separate course, the overseas students write academic papers in most subjects. In this case, teachers are written clearly, write detailed instructions for tasks and develop specific criteria for evaluation.

There are many supporters of the opinion that the correct spelling is not mandatory. Why develop skills that will only take away too much time, but is unlikely to be taught to communicate fluently in the vernacular? The point of view is typically a prerogative of those not willing to try and make sure that it is the development of literacy and writing skills is key to success in everyday life. In addition, English today is the language of business communication the world. Anyone who wants to achieve success in their careers abroad, simply must be able to communicate, write competently in English, know the basics of writing business letters, navigate the scientific vocabulary to be able to write reports with a clear structure.

Academic Texts Types

Mentioned below presented the most common types of academic writing tasks:

  • • Notes. Students are invited to an article or a book that they have read and write basic provisions. Notes are used directly by students, there is a number of rules on how to create them.
  • • Reports. The report should present the conclusions after studying some topics, the results of an experiment or study (all depends on the subject and the teacher).
  • • Projects. A small research asked to be conducted on some topic oftentimes fits within a project term. Typically, a project developed by a group of students.
  • • Essays. Both essays and abstracts may vary in size and form, but typically range from 1,000 to 5,000 words).
  • Theses or dissertations. The volumes of the work equal 20,000 words; such tasks are assigned to no less than seniors, graduating from higher education institutions.

Besides the above types, research articles, letters and business correspondence types are worthy of mentioning. Although with different target audience, volume and complexity, they all have the common features described below.

Characteristic Features of the Academic Style

First and foremost, the most vital aspect of academic text is its structure. Essays, reports and simple scientific works consist of an introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction contains, in addition to the presentation of the theme, the so-called thesis statement, in which a sentence is necessary to state the main idea of the work.

The main body (Body) author should paint his subject in two or three paragraphs. In conclusion (Conclusion) formulate conclusions based on a thesis statement.


In case of a complicated and bulky job, in the body of a let’s say literature review particular illustrative examples, using case studies, serving as a ground for discussion of the problem, is mandatory. Sometimes the author should include applications or lists of references to indicate the works helped to write a paper.


The second feature - scientific style of presentation of information. In undertaking the writing of academic text, you must forget about the cuts of grammatical forms, slang and colloquial words, as well as expressions with long and illogical sentences. All the facts should be supported by reference to the sources.

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