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How To Write A Premium Quality Paper

The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components: source material that you are going to use (read summaries of literature, lectures, recording the results of the discussions, your own thoughts and experiences on this issue); the quality of processing of starting materials available (structuring, reasoning and arguments) and argumenting (how well the materials collected and processed correlate with the problems of your essay).

The Importance Of Making Notes

Notes, especially when reading, are a strategic intellectual ability and discipline (not a mechanical process of drawing up a summary). When taking notes, you pay attention (after the relevant decision) on the points that have an essential nature (both theoretical and general argument, empirical argument or case study of a particular issue). When outlining this or that passage you select appropriate materials and develop your understanding of theory and/or empirical arguments (i.e., facts that support a certain position or deny it).

It should be underlined that when reading some texts you make more notes compared to other due to the fact that they will be useful in further work or have more to do with issues that concern you, and/or are more interesting, and/or more content with theoretical and empirical perspectives. Then you read the material is divided on the one that is for you more and less interest in view of the above reasons.

Try taking advantage of the following method of note-taking: divide your notebook into two columns. On the left make an outline of the material that is read, leave the right column for a comparative analysis of the contents of this synopsis with other facts you have learn, heard (lectures), discussed (in the classroom - tutorials - or informally) as well as with your own comments and criticisms. In other words, you use your notes to build cross material based on your own considerations, formulations, data, as well as including your own comments on the statements of others. The efficiency of making notes would be dramatically increased in case of using a digital device - the processing aspect effectiveness would be boosted in particular.

What To Read? How to read?

There is a kind of conditional correlation between the quality and quantity of material to read: you read and how much you read. In general, it is better to read less, but have more understanding, rather than read more and miss important things. In addition, the latter leads to misunderstanding, incorrect assessment and destruction of the relationship between arguments and facts.

This also means that the choice of reading material is totally important: for each particular topic, you should first read the two or three key articles or book chapters that, for example, give clear conceptual framework or theoretical arguments, and/or offering comprehensive empirical data (and, as far as possible, the most recent data), and/or represent a reviewed and evaluated a wide range of literature on the subject. This strategic reading initiated the formation of some of the key landmarks on (including different interpretations and discussions), which will serve as the foundation for some direction and development of your further reading.

Depending on the subject matter it is very important to include at least one or two case studies with the opposite views. An effective use of thematic material and data will help you avoid the typical mistake of over-generalizing material in your essay.

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