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How To Write Essays Like A Pro vol.1

A nicely-written essay reflects a certain level of language proficiency as well, even though few possess these skills. Therefore, let us share a bunch of tips and recommendations on how to write essays effectively; additionally, we’ll consider the typical mistakes and wrong approaches to reduce time wasting to minimum.


The sooner you start to think over your essay topic essay, the more you will have time to collect materials. Setting the right direction on the initial stage is crucial; thus you configure your brain for productive work and information perception. The same thing happens when you study any new word: it begins to seem that it comes more often. It's just that you become more susceptible to this information and pay more attention to it.

For a start it is best to make an outline of what you already know about the core issue: perhaps, you’ve underestimated your level of awareness on this or that topic. A smooth start and the choice of the right road to pick up starts from accumulating information. When searching for the material is very easy to get lost in the pile of information, especially in our time. To act purposefully, plan and specify a preliminary set of issues.

How to Start Writing

Even the most experienced writers can be confused by blank sheets. A wise decision here is to just start writing. It does not matter where you start, it is important that you reach the result in the end. Just write, and do not worry about the style and spelling at this stage. Make a preliminary thoughts outlines. Then you will be able to develop ideas according to the plan.

If using a PC, cutting and pasting paragraphs quickly will not be an issue, but if you prefer a paper and pen, leave space in one or two lines between the ideas to be able to add something later. You can even take the scissors and cut the sheet into strips to make the process clearer. If the result of your work is 3 sections - the introduction, main part and conclusion, it means that you did everything correctly.


The introduction should contain a few comments on the topic of the essay; in some cases the the definition of key concepts in conjunction with your personal explanations of the problems/subtopics would be a way to go. Additionally, list the aspects you intend to study and consider why.

Remember that you do not write a book, so having a backup in the face of a few arguments supporting your main sentences would is required. The introduction should give a clear idea of what will be discussed further, and your mentor must see that you give a response to a specific set of questions posed. So, a good introduction should:

  1. a demonstrate your intent to answer the question;
  2. show that you understand the topic;
  3. delineate the structure of your answer and the main aspects that you will consider (the plan);
  4. confirm that you have spent some time on studying through referring to a number of sources;
  5. fully comply with the main theme;
  6. be concise and takes approximately 8-9% of the total amount of text (for example, 120 words in the 1500 words paper).

To do this, start the essay with a passphrase, which would indicate the direction of your answer. Also remember that the introduction represents your work, meaning that potentially it is one of the most thoroughly investigated sections when you hand over your paperwork for the first time.

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