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Thesis Writing: Academic Help

Formal writing is completely different from our everyday conversations. It’s complicated and it should follow specific rules. The bad thing about academic writing is that it’s an integral part of education. Whenever a student is expected to deliver some information to a large audience, they should use formal academic writing. All assumptions should have a solid foundation, and all statements should be properly organized. You should stick to the right format and avoid any colloquialisms.

Formal Writing Is Different From Writing a Speech

Writing the way you would talk is generally a bad practice. When reading, it’s easier for your audience to quickly understand what you’re trying to say. You can be concise and use certain jargon to convey your point precisely. At the same time, you can use a certain composition to create a proper logical structure. A formal composition requires you to build clear sentences that are relevant to your subject. Although following the requirements of formal writing might be difficult, the result should be easy to read. We recommend that you dedicate some time to practicing academic writing because this way, you’ll be able to write papers that will be appreciated by readers.

Your Theory Should Be Clear

A report, article, or essay should be based on a clear thesis statement which should connect different parts of the paper and serve as its general idea. The thesis statement may vary depending on the type of paper. For example, it may focus on the differences or common features of two concepts. No matter what the structure of your thesis statement looks like, it should be concise and straightforward. Quite often, the thesis statement is written at the beginning of the paper because readers should clearly understand its subject. For example, it can be located at the end of the introduction, It’s also important to make sure that your readers understand how all of your claims and pieces of evidence are related to the thesis statement.

Present, Explain, Conclude

The entire academic paper, as well as its sections, paragraphs, and sentences, have a similar logical structure. First, you describe something generally, then you should get into details, present relevant facts, and explain your point clearly. When you elaborate on your ideas, you should support your thoughts with evidence. The main topic may lead to numerous subtopics, but all of the subtopics should unite into a clear point. Therefore, each paragraph should have either a conclusion or transition to the next paragraph, and your paper should also have a conclusion.

Stick To Your Point

Make sure that everything in your paper is directly linked to the thesis statement. When writing, keep in mind that you can always add the necessary details and improve your draft later. Just make sure to stick to the general idea. The main thing is to avoid any irrelevant information that doesn’t enable you to support your point. Don’t make your paper too informative but don’t write anything that you cannot support with solid evidence. If you have a lot of necessary information, we recommend that you present it from simple to difficult so that your readers won't feel overwhelmed.

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