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A Successful Homework Structure Breakdown

The article represents a step by step guide on the content appropriate for use in this or that essay section - with such a detailed description on how to write an essay you’ll be able to compose a brilliant paper quickly and easily.


The introduction should include a summary of your work as well as a number of approaches to answering the main questions. Highlighting the aspects that you intend to take care of in the essay (your goals) and giving brief definitions of key terms is crucial. However, try minimize the number of definitions (cut down their number to three or four if possible) with a brief statement of them (one-two sentences) is also important.

The Main Part

This part involves the development of your arguments and analysis, as well as their justification on the basis of the data available, as well as other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the essential content of your essay, so using a clear subtitles structure, on the basis of which you create your arguments will help you press for a more structured paper.

Back up statements with arguments and make sure each paragraph features one main idea. You may also want to apply the method of sequential numbering of all paragraphs that helps you to ensure that each paragraph (and its main idea) corresponded to holy grail of paper. In the final version (see. Below), you can delete the paragraph numbers.

Reference Requirements And Other Sources

When writing an essay (or other type of written work) for it to be performed at a high level, it is extremely important, as the empirical data and other sources (especially the quality of reading).

Since every piece of data relates to a specific period of time and place, before you include it make sure it is indicated properly. Even if you use, say, use the stats on social mobility in Britain, specify the time of the study, etc.

The corresponding specification of the time and data information is, perhaps, the best way to get rid of excessive generalization, which in its turn could result in the assumption that all the regions in this or that area have the same state of affairs (if you really think so, explained it properly, rather than be a mere assertion).

Do your best to avoid over-generalization, remember that the framework of the essay utilizes the data are for illustrative purposes, meaning that it confirms your arguments and reasoning, and show that you know how to use such entities properly.

As for the data relating to controversial issues, feel free to question it. Again, you are not expected that to give a definite or final answer (no one will ever agree that this is the only correct answer after all). But what you can do here is to understand the essence of the actual material associated with the question (pay close attention to the corresponding indicators, reliability of the data, the possible conclusions that can be reached on the basis of available data and indicators on the causes and consequences), and demonstrate this in the essay.

When writing essays difficulties may occur because of not knowing how to properly use the literature available on the subject. Quoting (using someone's words) should always feature quotation marks and give an exact reference to the source (including page number, if available). If you do not follow a simple rule, it can be considered to be plagiarism; even if you pass the text in your own words, do not forget to give a reference to the source. For example: ‘In this section I use mainly J. Darren and M.Swizzer works (2013, Ch.1)...’ (a failure to comply with this rule may also be considered as plagiarism).

The essay may contain another crucial element - an indication of the application (or implication), not excluding the relationship with a number of other issues. Let’s consider an example: ‘The essay is mainly dedicated to gender relations in developing countries, but a fuller consideration requires a study of class relations’, in this case providing a few lines explaining the importance of the issues, as well as brief illustration of how it can be done would be a wise decision.

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