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Research Writing In English - Mastering Your Skills

Foreign students find it extremely hard to write even a tiny, non-complicated at first glance piece of research. The problem may have a disastrous nature even in case when an abroad student is basically fine with spoken English. According to the research of Cambridge University conducted in 2013, spoken English learning dynamics outperforms the written language learning curve.

Thus, to be able to create decent writings one should take into account the peculiarities of learning how to write properly. It’s not a secret that an utterly complex engineering system, when thoroughly investigated and conditionally divided into tiny parts, looks like a protozoan mechanism. The same situation is observed in mastering your written English. The article is dedicated to the aspects to focus on in order to push your language skills to the next level.

Taking The Right Path

The ‘good planning and hard work lead to prosperity’ statement depicts the situation perfectly. We give you the core plan - make use of it and pave your way towards development. Read a lot. Read as much as possible - this is a proven way to achieve spectacular results. As an option, you may want to try speed reading. Did you know that 300 words per minute speed is the maximum an average human can read? Make use of speed reading techniques: a couple of months of hard work and you’ll be able to overclock your reading abilities to 30-40 seconds per page easily.

It is highly recommended to read books written in a simple English; you may even make a choice in favor of adopted versions to guarantee a smooth start and avoid overloading. Make notes, start your personal vocabulary and check pronunciation. Be sure to write down unknown words, transcribed texts and do it carefully. Apart from enriching your vocabulary you will automatically grammar patterns. Try writing words in English in one column, and then fill in another column with equivalents in your own language - thus you will learn how to speak and write at the same time.

Turn computer programs and games into account - the web is oozing with zillions of freeware and paid stuff designed for all the level of learners. From Google Translate, assisting you with translating huge passages to free online courses offered by Harvard University - the opportunities in the age of information are literally infinite.

Learning English grammar is still an inevitable mission: expressing your thoughts correctly demands the knowledge of tenses, declinations and heaps of other stuff, so studying at least a basic grammar course is essential.

Learn & Play: When Web Comes to The Rescue

Jump on the web and run your cherished Facebook or Viber apps and get in touch with your abroad friends or go to a chat room with native speakers to plunge into a real-time learning process.

Write letters and messages, you can even try to start your microblog in English. Dedicate it to something that touches you and brings pleasure and interest (no matter if it would be another cat gallery or a fan page), thus you will have enough motivation and time to work on writing.

Go to your favorite music band channel or website - watch interviews, read and translate their lyrics, listen to songs with the goal of understanding the meaning. Learning English through music has crowds of followers and even educational programs. An additional benefit is hundreds of slang and colloquial phrases you will learn.

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