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Understanding The Importance & Peculiarities Of College Thesis Writing

Thesis is a form of final control of knowledge and skills of students enrolled in a particular specialty (in the article journalism example is considered). Thesis is written at the end of training, being the final stage of the educational process.

Essay concentrates a multitude of abilities of the future journalist, especially skills in the field of view of the creative product, argumentation and logic of presentation. All this is of great importance in the evaluation of the final work, as these factors affect the overall impression of the work. Thus, all of the above makes final qualifying work the main work of the student in the learning activity, its apotheosis, creative results, the finale of several years of hard work on education and self-education.

Thesis and the process of writing is an ongoing task for all the years of studying. The educational plan includes several types of independent works, which reflect the basic principles and methods of preparation and execution of writing works. These works are represented by courseworks and abstract works that require the same approach in the theoretical development of the material and study of empirical data.

By the time the student is supposed to be writing a thesis, he or she has enough experience writing term papers on various subject areas. Therefore, there is the experience of the selection and design topics, shape or type of final qualifying work, literature review, collection of empirical data, the choice of research method, etc.

This general ideas that are necessary for a more rational approach to the development of a research plan in the course of writing the final qualifying work. They allow a student to come to a study individually, taking into account the features of the creative and practical-research, the specifics of student's personality, thematic preferences and abilities to one or another form of creativity (for the humanities, such as journalism). However, thesis differs from course work in many ways:

  • • Firstly, the difference is the requirements that apply to the thesis - they are much higher in-depth: by volume, structure, to the challenges facing the author of final qualifying work;
  • • Secondly, the procedure to defend the thesis is different from the one practiced with courseworks;
  • • Thirdly, the timing of the writing of final qualifying work also differs from that of writing a term paper - the timeframe is longer, since more significant time investments are needed;
  • • Fourthly, final qualifying work is estimated by Attestation Commission on the basis of external review procedures and protection work, which makes it much more meaningful and different from other works of this type.

General Requirements

The following general requirements for thesis can be admitted:

  • • Goal orientation
  • • Clarity of construction
  • • Logical sequence of presentation of the material
  • • Depth of study and complete coverage of the issues
  • • Convincing argument
  • • Brevity and accuracy of language
  • • Specific presentation of the results of work
  • • Conclusiveness of the findings and recommendations of the validity
  • • Competent registration

Choosing a theme and content of the thesis student carries out jointly with the supervisor. The student then submits the application to the department to approve the topic of the thesis and appoint scientific adviser. Thesis approved at the meeting of the department, and is attached to a graduate supervisor. After selecting a topic the student and supervisor cooperate to implement preparatory work, schedule the milestones and work on plan structure. Graduates are expected to work on the chosen topic systematically, share the progress with supervisor and take care of all the stages in the initially established terms.

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