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How To Write Research Papers Like A Pro vol.2

The previous article was primarily focused on how to make first steps when writing an essay, so let us move to the basics of writing a stunning main section and conclusion. The article offers time-tested approaches and ways on how to generate academic content that hits the spot really quickly.

The Main Part

The main part should ideally feature the theoretical foundations of selected issues and highlight the main aspects of the problem.

This part involves the development of reasoning and analysis, as well as their justification on the basis of available data, other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the main content of the essay giving the idea on the quality of work you’ve conducted.

Hence comes the importance of sub-headings, on the basis of which the structuring of argumentation is built; it is here you should necessarily justify (logically, using data or rigorous arguments) the proposed argumentation / analysis. Where necessary, as an analytical tool you may take advantage of graphs, charts and tables. Depending on the questions posed the analysis can be based on the following categories: the reason - the outcome, general - special, part - whole and persistence - variability.

In the process of constructing an essay it must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and relevant evidence, supported by a graphic and illustrative material if necessary. Therefore, when giving the argumentation you should limit yourself to considering one main thought per section.

When writing your paper, you could adopt the use of passive voice in overviews where the text makes it clear who is doing the action, but do not use passive voice when writing other parts of the paper. You can use a non-living object with an active verb. The structure of a lifeless subject with an active verb can add some changes to your paper.

You should avoid boring your reader by using the same phrases and sentences continuously, when writing your paper. Try as much as possible to make your paper interesting by adding some varieties to it. If you lack the ability to write interesting papers, this is when ordering a paper from writing service is a good idea.


The conclusion should summarize the ideas expressed. It can be appropriate to give a solid or a streamlined answer to the main question. Depending on the issue, focusing on broader perspectives or consequences of the problem may also be a decent option. You can also suggest related topics worthy of further reflection. In this section you can express your personal views in case they are supported by arguments that you saw earlier. Good conclusion suggests:

  • 1. not just summarizing; the conclusion should be a thoughtful completion of work. For example, the conclusion may be considered against the background of an actual situation;
  • 2. emphasize or reinforce key messages, refer to the introduction and draw parallels with the same key words or images, but using a different wording.
  • 3. fit in with the main part of the job; a variety of essays types requires a particular conclusion. In a short paper you should not stick to a detailed repetition of the main ideas, but with the longer papers it may be necessary;
  • 4. include thought-provoking questions; share vivid images, use quotes, if appropriate;
  • 5. again, if possible, do your best to predict results or consequences, propose solutions, call for any action.

At the same time, mentioned below are the cases that should be avoided in the conclusion of the essay:

  • 1. proposing a completely new idea; if it is absolutely crucial, include it in the main body;
  • 2. use acquittal tone; be confident in your statements. Avoid phrases like ‘I’m not an expert’ or ‘at least this is my opinion’;
  • 3. focusing on tiny details;
  • 4. denying the significance of the previous arguments.

The conclusion has significant value from the point of view of the entire job, reflecting a good command of the material and carefully approached to address the problem. Do not worry if the written opinion will make you overwrite other parts of the text. In fact, it's nothing but a good sign!

As a general idea of the length of each section, you can use the following formula (this is recommended, but not hard and fast rule):

Introduction - 7-8% of the total length

Conclusion - 12-15% of the total length

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