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The Main Criteria Make An ‘A’ Grade Essay

An essay will be rated high if your ability to build and prove your position on certain issues on the basis of the knowledge you have acquired is clearly visible. Remember that in the liberal arts subjects with which a majority of universities deals, imply no absolutely right or wrong answers to the questions, as it happens in physics or mathematics - there are only more or less reasoned point of view. Remember also that you get the evaluation is not just for agreeing with the point of view of your speakers - the mentors expect you to independent thinking, ie, sharing your point of view on this or that problem/phenomenon.

When nominating your own position in the center of attention is your ability to critically and independently evaluate the range of data and viewpoints/arguments of others, the ability to understand, assess and establish communication between the key moments of any problems and issues; ability to differentiate (which is more and what is less important); analytical approaches to understand and model; differentiate opposite approaches and models and their application to the empirical material, discussions on matters of principle. Here are the aspects your mentor will not be happy to deal with:

  • 1. The fact that you can not answer the question.
  • 2. Poor organization of your answer
  • 3. Failure to adhere to answer the basic question.
  • 4. The use of rhetoric (approval) instead of reasoning (proof).
  • 5. Careless handling of data, including over-generalization.
  • 6. Too extensive narrative not supported by analysis.
  • 7. Statement of other points of view, without saying his own position.
  • 8. Unnecessary repetitions.

The Basics Of Brilliant Essay Writing: the Core Questions

Do you study the relevant literature carefully (key articles and book chapters, case studies, if they are needed, other sources relevant to the case)? Do you have enough detailed and organized notes? Do you read the questions carefully? Have you thought through what would be the approach to the problem and what will be the way to protect it?

The Structure Of An Essay

Did you you worked with argumenting carefully? Have you prepared a plan of writing the work in accordance with the argumenting stages? Do you have a good system of sub-headings set in a place?

A decent essay must meet a number of requirements, here are the questions to consider: Whether the administration is brief and whether it complies with the topic? Make sure that your work includes a rationale for the selection you use approach and a brief definition of all the basic terminology according to your intentions to use it.

Do you follow the system of subtitles? Do you formulate in each section one clear main idea? Do the paragraphs come in a logical sequence? Are used efficiently your evidence? Whether you are making reference to the authoritative sources? Do you avoid repetitions? What about over-generalization? Descriptions without analysis or argument? Generalizations of other points of view without express their point of view and its justification? Is your conclusion, brief and relevant to the case? Shown Have you any other (broader) uses and implications of the study themes you?

Checking & Delivery

Re-read your essay carefully, and make sure it answers all the aspects mentioned above. Make sure that the style of work is uniform and easy to comprehend. Have you compiled a bibliography and/or reference materials section? Are you organizing your time table in such a way to hand over your work within the announced deadlines? Do you see the ways to improve essay your?

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