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Transitions and Flow: the Basics of Essay Writing for Sale

No matter what kind of writing you want to master, you won’t be able to improve your skills without improving the structure of the text. The role of structure in writing is a complex subject so let’s focus on its most important aspects.

Ensuring a Good Flow

Every sentence in your text should be connected to the previous one, and all sections of your paper should link to each other. No matter how many thoughts you want to express, you shouldn’t force your readers to dig through a clutter of separated ideas. When your readers read one sentence, they anticipate seeing something relevant in the next one, and your content should always have a clear direction. This is the main reason why you should use transitions. Without transitions, your writing will be more difficult to understand and less enjoyable to read.

It’s easy to determine whether or not you need to improve your transitions. For instance, you may not modify the beginning and end of your sentences to ensure a consistent flow. The last segment of one sentence may not be connected to the first segment of the following sentence. As a result, your thoughts may look inconsistent so it will be difficult for you to convey a proper story.

Sometimes, creating smooth transitions can be difficult, but you can improve this skill by practicing. You may need to take some time and think when writing or editing your sentences in order to insert smooth transitions that won’t distract your readers and won’t be repetitive. The main thing is to keep your transitions natural. For instance, such a transitional word as “notwithstanding” might be not the best choice because it can be easily replaced with words like "despite" or "however."

If you realize that you need to add too many transitions when editing your papers, you may want to make some changes to the structure of the text. For example, you may need to put transitions not only in between sentences but also within them. In this case, the right solution is to make your sentences shorter and break long sentences into two or more shorter sentences. Rephrasing is a necessary part of the editing process so don’t hesitate to read your text several times, improving the structure and adding transitions.

The Connection Between Thoughts and Writing

We often use many casual phrases in our everyday conversations. There are many slang words and informal phrases that enable us to quickly communicate something to others, even though they may not be correct in terms of grammar or their meaning may be unclear without the broader context. Keep in mind that you cannot use such phrases and words when working on formal papers. When writing academic papers and dealing with other types of formal writing, you should choose words precisely, and they should clearly communicate your thoughts, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Staying away from casual phrases and dialect is generally a good practice. This way, you’ll be able to establish the right tone for everyone, including people who have English as their second language (and therefore may not understand some idioms) and people who will read your work many years from now.

The rules of formal composition are simple and clear. However, some students forget about the importance of creating the right composition so many hours of their work go nowhere because they realize that they need to rewrite whole sections. Sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the result even after numerous corrections. In this case, the only solution you have is ordering custom essays from professionals.

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