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Secrets of Paper Writing: Post-Work

Everyone knows that writing is all about choosing the right words, ensuring a consistent flow with transitions, and creating a logically and grammatically correct structure. However, there are a few other aspects of writing that also determine whether or not your papers will be successful. You should make sure that the overall composition is good, pay attention to the tone of your paper, and many other minor details. When writing, you cannot stay focused on both the content and its form so the best approach is to write the content first and then edit it. When the first draft is ready, you can proofread, polish, and change it to make sure that it’s perfect.

When you’re working on the very first draft, you should focus on your ideas, thinking of how to connect different thoughts to deliver the right message. If you start to work on the structure and grammar when writing the first draft, you may forget about something important that makes up the basis of your paper and makes a meaningful contribution. It’s much easier to write all your ideas first, and then take a look at the whole paper and improve its structure, along with other details. Investing your time in editing and proofreading is a necessity because structural inconsistencies and grammar mistakes may repel your readers from the content so that your thoughts will end up ignored by readers distracted by the formal details.

While editing the surface of your paper, you should keep in mind the key ideas of your paper. Quite often, essays and other academic papers have a thesis statement that serves as a backbone of the entire paper. You must stick to your thesis statement throughout the whole paper and its structure should also link your thoughts to the thesis statement.

Formal Words

When working on academic papers, you should choose the right style and tone. While our regular everyday conversation and informal writing might contain some slang words, idioms, and other informal expressions, academic papers should be written in a formal style. The main purpose of academic papers is to deliver authors’ ideas explicitly so you should avoid any clutter and unnecessary expressions.

Besides, you should choose formal words over informal synonyms. For example, you should write “significant” instead of “great,” “numerous” instead of “lots of,” “results” instead of “what will happen,” etc. An interesting thing about the academic style is that it actually enables you to make your writing more concise and precise. Concise and clear writing is a distinctive feature of academic papers, and you should make sure that everything you write actually contributes to the overall meaning of your paper.

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