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It is reasonable to divide your coursework into several stages. Selection and study of literature; developing a work plan; collection and processing of factual material; writing a term paper and defending - these are the main parts, characterizing an overwhelming majority of coursework routines.

Selection and study of literature should start with a list of literature recommended by the department. In compiling the bibliography it is recommended to use bibliographic catalogs, thematic bibliographies and articles in the newspaper. In this case, the main task for the student is to select only those books and publications that address issues pertaining to the topic of the coursework from the great mass of literature.

Bibliographic catalogs are available in a multitude of online libraries. As a rule, they are divided into systematic, subject and alphabetical sections. It is recommended to use systematic catalogs, as they contain titles of books and articles on the branches of knowledge. Studying periodical literature should begin with papers published in recent years, and most fully revealing questions of course work, only then it is reasonable to consider earlier editions. When studying literature make notes from books and articles substantive provisions, the theoretical conclusions, definitions, proofs, statistics etc.

The Plan

After selection and studying of literature elaborate a plan of coursework, it will contribute to a more complete disclosure of the paper’s main issues. The plan is the foundation work, and its quality will have a major impact on the quality of the whole written work. It is advisable to discuss and confirm the items in a pre-scheduled plan with the supervisor. The plan should not be too detailed, it lists the main, central questions of the topic in a logical sequence. Chapters should be broken down into paragraphs. Work plan is closely related to its structure. The work consists of an introduction, main section and conclusion, the task of the student is to determine the main issue 3-4 parts, observing their relationship and sequence of presentation. Once selected and studied literature, a plan, selected and processed factual material, you can start writing a term paper. This is a very time-consuming and crucial stage, since you are expected to demonstrate the ability to think independently, analyze data, generalize the findings and etc. At this point, you can specify a work plan to break angular questions on the items and sub-items.

The Structure

After a preliminary general acquaintance with the problem the student must draw up a rough plan of coursework, which can be adjusted in the process of deepening the topic.

Writing a term paper should begin with the formulation and presentation of the contents of each section of the main issue. Disclosure should be conclusive, and not declarative, rich in scientific arguments and explanations.

Facts and examples should not be random, but typical. In order to have a correct understanding of the various phenomena and laws, it is desirable to consider them in the historical aspect. But this requirement is not to be understood as the need for a comprehensive description of the history and forms of these phenomena and laws. It is important that the material of the course work sets out a logically consistent and clear.

For a full and proper disclosure of the chosen topic the student must:

  • • examine the scientific work on this problem;
  • • study textbooks on journalism;
  • • collect statistics published in periodicals and collections of static.
  • • examine the article on the selected theme

The text of the course work must not be overloaded with direct quotes from online sources and published literature. Quote plays only the minimum role and required to prove the specific fact or situation; surely, direct quotation must be enclosed in quotes.

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