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Business Writing Tips & Recommendations

If you are working with business correspondence and looking to improve your skills or just have to implement a task that deals with business writing, this is the article for you. No matter how special your writing task is, there are a few golden rules of business correspondence, which you can learn or refresh. Each letter takes 3 maturing steps before turning into a beautiful fruit of your labors.

The Destination Matters

Know your addressee. Understanding your destination will help you to set the level of formality of the letter (formal or informal letter). If you are communicating with superiors or clients, then, of course, the tone of the letter should be more serious, and writing style - precise and concise. Another thing, if you are writing to colleagues, you can afford being more free in your statements. However, many well-known business leaders warn against too much familiarity in correspondence, until you don’t chat with your friends, you should always be polite and courteous.

The purpose

You must realize why you are writing clearly. Write down on paper the main idea of your message before you start writing a letter. This strategy will give you an incentive to writing and help you keep the focus on the subject line.

Define the things your destination is aware of. The biggest mistake of anyone who starts writing letters is an incorrect assumption that the recipient already has all the necessary information to correctly understand your message. This is often not the case, the destination is not familiar with the specifics of your work and the specifics of your message. This can lead to wrong conclusions. Your letter must necessarily include background information, which is necessary for an understanding of the message.

No matter whether you're writing a business letter, statement or report - any type of writing must have certain characteristics. Follow three simple rules of writing a business letter in English:

Be brief, clear and concise. Use short sentences and phrases. You have to remember that the average person reads more than 20 thousand words a day. Lighten your piece of writing for your addressee, give up a verbal Niagara and he or she will certainly thank you. In other words, use plain English.

Do not be over-technical and refrain from using jargon or slang for one simple reason: your recipient may not be familiar with the specific terminology, thus the message may bring even more confusion.

Do not overuse people's first name - do not abuse the recipient's name in the letter. Asking the person to whom you are writing, must stand once at the beginning of the letter.

Before Sending

Always reread your letter before sending it. Reading aloud is a great tactic that will help identify questionable phrases and sentences. Some read not only loud, but backwards, starting with the last word in a sentence. Ask yourself whether the person on the first try will understand what was the point? If you can, you have coped with the task perfectly.

In addition, do not to rely entirely on spellcheck software, because their reliability may let you down. This is where it is necessary to rely on yourself or a good editor that can be given to proofreading a very important letter.

And the last taboo give up the idea of using an online translator. You can not even imagine how many obscene incidents happened because of negligent software. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should blacklist such websites and services, just keep in mind the risks they bear.

Rules for writing business letters in English quite simple, right? They are easy to comprehend and easily applicable. Do not be afraid to spend a lot of time writing your first letter in English. This document will become a model for your new messages that will significantly reduce the time of writing the future of business letters.

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