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Mastering Term Paper Writing Craftsmanship Through Conscious Grammar Neglection

Perhaps this statement may seem too seditious, but anyway: when composing any type of paper keep on writing paying minimum attention to grammar. The fact that the excessive focus on grammatical rules prevents a person from writing in a creative way is scientifically confirmed. For some people clothing their thoughts in perfect grammatical forms is a hardcore mission. As a result, the work stucks to a few sentences, and the further progress is lacking. Therefore, practicing the so-called ‘free writing’, which implies putting down thoughts without correcting errors, winking at punctuation and ignoring proper sentence structure, may be the panacea that will boost your skills.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean the grammar can be neglected completely. A written text, its early versions in particular, are rarely considered to be the final product, but a draft, subjected to repeated editing. And the last stage of editing is checking for compliance with the rules and all the possible language errors correction. Summing up, it should be noted that it may be more effective to write a text as is, but take some time to re-read and fix the bugs on the latest stages.

The Meaning of Grammar

Why is it ultimately important to write correctly? Let's start with the fact that neither linguistic rules are randomly assigned, nor invented to torment people. They were formed naturally in the course of historical development of the language, and their role is to harmonize ways of writing and ensure comprehensive understanding of human-written texts. If a unified set of grammar does not exist, written communication is impossible. Try considering the compliance with the rules of grammar to be a favor to your audience. Remember that this condition lays the foundation of creative writing in general.

Further, illiterately written texts are pushing the reader. Firstly, if the text contains tones of obvious errors, it says that the author did not even bother to read his or her creation. Hence the reader makes a legitimate conclusion that the author doesn’t respect the readers. ‘So why should I read this piece of...?’ - a reasonable question will follow? Secondly, human perception is arranged in such a way that even if we do make mistakes when writing, we will certainly see them in someone else's text. This means that many readers, without noticing, are transformed into the very grammar nazis when reading.

However, many are inclined to argue as follows: if the author has failed to master the grammar school, his compositions won’t be taken seriously. The assessments that the author has problems with logic, ability to structure their thoughts in a clear way, depth of studying materials and etc. will inevitably be born in minds of readers. Writing illiterally is a proven path to losing a good proportion of readers for sure.

Beyond that, the everyday argument ‘the content is more important than the form’ doesn’t work here. Researchers communication has long been formulated according to the following principle - ‘the medium is the message’. Basically, the principle has a pretty obvious nature. At least the writers use it for a long time. If we apply this principle to the subject, it turns out that the form is inseparable from content, it also works on its production. The simplest illustration of this thesis is that the errors (especially the punctuation) obscure the meaning of the text.

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